You’ve Got 48 Hours


I was walking to my car after a very successful executive review of videos for the upcoming Providence Excellence Forum – an annual gathering of leaders from across Providence Health & Services and Swedish, when my phone rang.

The voice on the other end, in New York City, announced that the licensing of the pop song we were using for the show open (which had just been warmly received and approved by the CEO and others) was NOT going to be approved after all.  We had changed a few lyrics, re-composed the piece a bit and had recorded new vocals.  It was mixed, it was edited to picture, and it was done.  Until it wasn’t.

This was, mind you, less than three days before the piece was to kick off the conference.   My brief panic laced with a few choice expletives didn’t help much.  So I quickly called my good friend and longtime colleague Nick Denke of Electric Muses (, to discuss options.  Punting wouldn’t work.  Neither would recycling an old show open.  So…Nick and I decided, probably against our better judgment, to write and record a new song.  In 48 hours.

My next call was to my editor, Ben Kaplan (, to alert him to the fact that we would need to re-cut the piece to match the new music.  Ben didn’t hang up on me, nor did he laugh in my face – either of which I would have understood.  He was onboard.

So I wrote lyrics like mad, trying not to summon all the bad poetry I had written in college, and Nick hastily re-composed (the music, not himself).

The short story:  we did it, and it was better than the original version, more closely aligned with the organization’s mission and core values.  Vocalist Stacey Meyer made the lyrics sound better than they were, and Nick and Ben came through as always.  This is precisely why I surround myself with talented, dedicated, can-do people who relish a challenge.  Thank you, cosmos.

The piece was lensed by the ever-artful Chris Bell, on his Alexa camera (

Please check out the video below.